About Family Kloosterman

About us 

Since October 15, 2012 we have Pierre and Monique Kloosterman the proud owners of Gästehaus Pernull in Khünburg.

We are a family from the Netherlands with two sons. During our many holidays in beautiful Carinthia came to us more and more the feeling that we would like also to live and work here. The fine climate, tranquility, space, and the hospitality of the people made us decide in 2011 to sell our home in the Netherlands and to look to a lovely guest house in a so-called two seasons area. In May 2012 we had found our dream house. After we had both been saying our job, Pierre was project manager at Elekto Groeneveld in Rotterdam and Monique was employee at a School community the Mavo Vos in Vlaardingen, we moved to Carinthia in October 2012. Our children stays in the Netherlands.

So far, we have never regretted our decision and we love to welcome new guests and in our beautiful guest house.