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Getting acquainted…

Getting acquainted…

Since November 2020 I (Natascha) have been the owner and hostess of Gästehaus Pernull in idyllic Carinthia, Austria.

In 2001 I completed the Hoge Hotelschool in Maastricht and since then I have always had in mind that I would like to start my own company around the age of 40. In 2012, I saw an episode of the program “I'm leaving” with my husband Robbie. For the reader who is not familiar with it: “I'm leaving” is a fairly popular and well-watched real life program that is broadcast on Dutch television. In each episode people are followed who take the step abroad to build a new life there. When Robbie and I saw the episode in which Pierre and Monique made the jump to Austria to start a B&B there, we were glued to the tube, because what they did, we wanted that too! Exactly that! The building with accompanying plot appealed enormously and we also liked the business model they had devised for the B&B.

Completely ecstatic, we started brainstorming about the possibilities of setting up something similar and we started working hard to work out our plans and put them on paper. Now a suitable location and voilà! But actually realizing our dream for the future went less quickly than expected, because we couldn't find a location in Austria that really made us happy. Secretly we were just a bit spoiled by the "I'm leaving" episode because that was the ultimate place for us. However, we continued to search hard, visited various buildings and even had a test sleep at one of them. But it just wasn't every time. We are not quitters, but sometimes we did lose heart.

Until a message appeared on Facebook at the beginning of 2020: "Sometimes something comes along in your life that you can't pass up", written by Monique Kloosterman (the lady from the infamous "I'm leaving" episode). My heart started beating faster…what is she writing…they want to sell their Gästehaus because they have found something else? No, I'm wrong… yes, it really is!

To make a long story short: we immediately sent a message to Monique asking if they were actually going to sell their guest house and if we could come and have a look soon. Monique replied very cordially: “Yes, we are indeed going to sell 'our baby'! Why don't you come here for a few days, walk with us in the company, get a feel for it and see if you like it.” So we did that right! And as hoped (but actually expected) it really was EVERYTHING we were looking for. Once back in the Netherlands, we thought about it carefully and then let Monique and Pierre know that we wanted to buy their accommodation.

And in October 2020 we 'suddenly' owned Gästehaus Pernull, the B&B from the 'I'm leaving' episode that started it all.

Our story is a dream that came true, but came to a sudden and abrupt halt in March 2021 due to Robbie's death. Suddenly everything was different and instead of living our long cherished dream together, there is now a great void.

I have chosen to continue our plans anyway. Robbie would have wanted that too, I'm sure! So now I'm running Gästehaus Pernull without Robbie, that's not how we planned it and certainly not always easy. But I am convinced that I will succeed and that Robbie is proudly looking over my shoulder.

What else can I say about myself?

I am a very active person and love the outdoors, I prefer to do sports outdoors, such as hiking, skiing, cycling and motorcycling. Until we moved to Austria, I lived and worked with Robbie in the Netherlands (Limburg). I did the Hoge Hotelschool in Maastricht and then worked for years in the hospitality industry, job placement and sales/advice.

I love good food and long dining and I can incredibly enjoy a beautiful sunset or the brilliance of the snowy mountains. I speak several languages (Dutch, English, German and Italian), like to go on holiday and have been coming to Austria from an early age. I know the area here very well, I would be happy to tell you all about it and I can help you plan an unforgettable holiday! So don't hesitate and book your holiday with me at Gästehaus Pernull!

Are you coming to stay sometime?

Our Gästehaus consists of 5 double rooms, 1 triple room and 1 quadruple room, breakfast is served in the common breakfast room. There is also 1 apartment for a maximum of 4 people and a holiday home for 8 to 9 people.

I am ready to give you an unforgettable and carefree holiday. Ask about availability and options via the website, but of course you can always call or send a message via WhatsApp.

I look forward to your arrival!


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Published 09-10-2020 / Copyright © Gästehaus Pernull